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Okay… I know I said I was only going to do this as a sketch, but I really liked the piece and I had an urge to tweak it. I changed the composition to show more of Asami because a lot of people couldn’t tell I put her in a dress, and I really liked the dress (I found the design on google image). I also thought it would be nice to add Opal to the mix since I thought she’d look cute in one of those 30’s style hats (not sure what they’re called). And finally I wanted to play up the disheveled look on everyone. Especially Mako with the fluffed out hair and bandages.

Also, I noticed someone pondering if this was some sign that Korra would have her hair down more in Book 4, so let me make this clear, I drew this image with NO clues or hints about Book 4. I purposefully put them in clothing and a situation that is far removed from the actual show in any way for that reason.

Book 4 is on it’s way, I’m excited for it. I can’t wait to see the finished animation, and to experience the closing chapters.

EDIT: You ever finish an image at Midnight and post it online, wake up the next morning, see it’s got over 200 reblogs and notes and then realize…. Mako’s too short.

Fixed Mako’s hight. Scuffed up Opals hat and dress a little because I didn’t want to insinuate she wouldn’t get into it a little. Also touched up Korra and Asami’s hair a very little.


Surprise! Swery’s follow-up to Deadly Premonition is scheduled for release tomorrow on Xbox One! D4 is an episodic murder mystery in which you play as an amnesic, time-traveling detective. Because this is a game lead by Swery, weird genre-bending and pastiche ensues, some of which can be glimpsed in the launch trailer above. It will cost $15. 

In a previous episode, we wondered what Microsoft’s retreat from the Kinect meant for the future of D4. Thankfully, Joystiq answers that question. While it is designed for Kinect, D4 is also playable with a traditional controller.

Neither of us have an Xbox One, so I’m really interested to hear what the rest of you think of this game! - Stacey

#smashbros demo, Why won’t you let me be Zelda. :((((


City Council meeting on Tuesday night in Ferguson. Part 8.

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I received my Aveline figure today! #assassinscreed