In other news, Amon is definitely another Avatar. Aang died twice, technically, and as soon as the Avatar passes, the cycle starts again. Only the Avatar can take someone’s bending away.


Also, in all the flashbacks we’ve seen throughout the show, why hasn’t Aang used anything other than Airbending? Whats up with that?

Wrong Chosen One.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(though this also crossed my mind, I don’t think it really works with the timeline/order of succession. After today’s episode, while I still wish that they had left Amon and Tarrlok at Machiavellian villains—horrifying, but ultimately human—I think the Amon-as-Spirit theory holds the most water. Of course, I’m now gunning for Amon being some kind of steampunk cyborg, because, dude, cyborgs.)