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[on voting for the Female Shepard’s appearance] I can’t speak on her behalf, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t spend thirty years working her ass off to become a soldier, then a commander, then the first human specter and finally hero of the Alliance to be judged on her physical appearance and then have it altered to please public opinion.

Fan-edited, “hardend” FemShep to make her look less like an underaged Calvin Klein model and more like a rebuilt, early-thirties N7. 





god, she even has blue eyes. and a mole under her eye.

do not want. do not like that this was left up to a facebook vote either.

femshep as played by andrej pejic?

Did this one win? laksjd,nadv


And @ people getting mad thinking I, or whoever dislikes this design, hate blondes, people with blue eyes, white people or people with moles.


The problem here for me lies in that people who aren’t very traditionally beautiful with the most socially desired features are apparently not deemed worthy enough of being the face of anything. Even when it fits with the lore of the story that your protagonist wouldn’t really be a beautiful white person (see: Sheploo), they always will be used in advertising as representatives of every character because that’s what makes the dough. Women, persons of color, people of the LGBT community are all expected to accept, want to emulate and relate to straight white people (almost always men). Doesn’t work the other way, apparently. The issue is waaaay bigger than Mass Effect and goes beyond them, but they could have done something about it. They chose not to.

All of the designs had the same major issue, though. Age. Why does a woman who has been dead and reanimated and goes through so much strenuous activity and gets injured on a daily basis and is in her 30s look like a teenaged supermodel? I guess they’re all thinking really super good thoughts? Lol cheap morality mechanic lolol

Even though I didn’t agree with the poll, I voted in it because I thought that any support for FemShep was a step in the right direction. Now I’m not so sure; the more this drags on, the more it becomes clear that nothing has really changed at all. Now that we’re finally getting an official FemShep trailer and box art, it’s obvious that even she was designed for the same white, male gamer Bioware has been courting all along.

Unamusings: Incoherent Femshep Rant




I don’t like that Femshep’s appearance is being put to a vote. She should have had a decent looking default in the first place but that horse is, obviously, long dead. I’m sure a lot of people are voting by which option matches their Sheps the best, which is fine. That aside, it boils down to a…

I first thought that this was just some fan-made vote, but after realising that this actually is the official approach to determine FemSheps look, I was just shocked.
SERIOUSLY, BIOWARE? Why the heck do you do this?
WHY do you feel the need to put the look of your female lead character to the vote?


This is just… FRUSTRATING. It’s almost as if they feel uncomfortable with promoting one vital aspect of their whole gameconcept, ONE vital aspect why they are so popular as game developers, why they have such a large dedicated female audience.
Because seriously, Bioware: You don’t have the most stunning gamedesigns, you don’t have the freshest and most innovative ideas in gamedevelopment. - BUT you gave us the chance to play STRONG INDEPENDENT female characters, in a market flooded with female leads that just scream “tits and ass!”. You gave us the chance to play HOMOSEXUAL STRONG INDEPENDENT characters.

Sure, that’s not the only thing you stand for, but it IS one of the reasons why your fanbase is as dedicated as it is. Goddamnit, STOP pulling off such bullshit and just STAND to your choices. YOUR main audience are NOT prepubescent boys who like to shoot at stuff in multiplayer, we are ADULT gamers who enjoy great storylines, interesting, intelligent characters and dialogues and a good universe.

SO JUST STAND TO YOUR CHOICE. In your games you can play BOTH a great FEMALE AND MALE LEAD, so treat them as EQUAL in your promotions/advertising, and DESIGNwise.

Sorry for the rant, but GODDAMNIT.


First off, I’m glad they’re FINALLY recognising that the player can play as a female. I never knew that getting into the franchise (and look where we are now) and it only took the LAST GAME of Shepard’s story to be told. BUT and this is a BIG BUT, letting a FACEBOOK poll decide what she looks like? FACEBOOK, where the “bros” and trolls have been making the most absoultely disgusting remarks lately (see: the shepard voting album and the cosplay album)? This is a completely WRONG move, Bioware/EA marketing.

I love playing a female Shepard because she’s the most kickass soldier in the galaxy. In a world full of the generic-white/caucasian/European-looking male tough guy protagonists without any customization, it’s refreshing to play a WOMAN (even a woman of color) with the same tough, don’t take shit from anyone sort of attitude, WITHOUT the universe in which she operates in remarking on her gender or her color (there is very few instances where this happens, i only recall Harkin in the bar in ME1). AND she’s not a damsel-in-distress NOR is portrayed as a sex object— how many leading female protagonists of videogames are like this? She has all the animations of her male counterpart and it just FITS her military background (and I, for one, love it). Shepard is a soldier through and through, regardless of gender.

But to delegate her appearance, to reaffirm psdo’s point, to a “who is the hottest space babe” contest, is just the entirely WRONG way to go about things. I agree with yena/caboodledoodle, make the design decision and stand by your choice, just like you made the decision to go with Mark Vanderloo’s exact face for defaultShepard. (Whatever happened to default Jane? I like her and she’s in my next illo). This facebook “poll” just rubs the wrong way, especially with all the sexist and narrow-minded comments coming out of the woodwork. There’s ALREADY space-babes in the game, we don’t need Shepard to be put into that box as well since she’s already very much outside that. 

(sorry for being ranty as of lately, things needed to be said. Art is coming quite soon however)

I tried to explain my discomfort with this poll on twitter. This does a much better job.

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#FemShep for #ME3 Marketing campaign on twitter.