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I will be the bridge between our two worlds.

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Re: Book 2 of The Legend of Korra

  1. The first three episodes seem exceptionally exposition- and plot-heavy. I think that’s why Korra’s tendency to make terrible decisions is so frustrating. When the decisions only exist to move the plot along, there isn’t much room for empathy. There’s no drama to make it satisfying.
  2. Mako is still The Worst.
  3. Katara is totally going to die this season
  4. Ikki was in the barn the entire time.

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legend of korra season 2 trailer (by silynnbor)

For the yahoo-challenged viewers.

I’ll be on my way to Boston for the Festival of Indie Games when it premiers, but I’m excited!  

Do we have times yet? It seems like the move to Friday means that Nickelodeon is going to move it closer to its other teen-oriented programming instead of relegating it to Saturday mornings.

Edit: looks like it’s 7/6 c! That seems like a much more appropriate time block for its content.

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